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Pride, Dignity, and Courage Art Exhibition featured at Houston Museum of African-American Culture



In Houston, TX, located in the heart of the museum district in third ward is Houston's main cultural attraction and treasure. The Houston Museum of African-American Culture (HMAAC), which opened in 2000, have showcased many outstanding art exhibitions featuring powerful works of art. Every year, several prominent international, and national artist's have shown their art in the museum, leaving an indelible artistic imprint on the community an the city.

Now on of local national treasures, Ted T. Ellis is currently being featured at (HMAAC), Houston Museum of African-American Culture. "Pride, Dignity and Courage:  A Survey of Art of Ted Ellis. T. Ellis provides of 50 original paintings, spanning over 25 year that provides a pictorial narrative of African-American History and Culture. You will feel the paintings speaking directly to you. The exhibition takes you on an historical journey, starting with slavery in America and the journey toward freedom and equality in the United States. This exhibition is mesmerizing, as well as emotional, it is a perfect fit for particularly for this museum. a museum that continuously providing rich cultural content to its 3 million plus citizens and residents.  A one of a kind art exhibition that is spell-binding;  visual literary with excellence. The big city of Houston, TX can now boast that it has it's on national treasure in Ted T. Ellis and his art. "Pride, Dignity and Courage: A Survey of Art of Ted Ellis.  A must see exhibition! April 23-June 25, 2016.  HMAAC is located at 4807 Caroline Street, Houston, TX 77004. Opened Wednesday-Saturday, 11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. 713-526-1015.


Art and the Future

Education has always been a high priority and a constant in my life. In school, I was always reading and learning. Those learned things have been very helpful in my growth as an individual. Education is a great equalizer, it has been my secret weapon. I am grateful for those teachers and educators who really [...]

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Ten Reasons to Why People Collect Art by Ted T. Ellis

Over the past 30 years of selling  fine art  and reproductions I have observed and found that people buy art for ten main reasons.  Art has always impacted society for centuries, placed in homes and their surroundings.Art has been part of the environment, the aesthetics of  art can be found in churches, campus grounds of [...]

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“We Should Value Our African-American Treasures…more” by Ted T. Ellis

For over 25 years I have been painting and pictorially documenting African-American culture, and using art as an instrument of preserving our culture. I’ve challenged folks to look behind the art that is created and value the artist. As an artist we speak to you politically, socially, academically, spiritually, historically and add economic value. There’s [...]

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Art and Education by Ted T. Ellis

Art in education is important for stimulating the mind and improving critical thinking. It can be argued, persuasively, that the visual arts is one of the important pillars for learning. It is the precursor to (STEM) science, technology, engineering and math. An image speaks more that a thousand words. A visual image educates, it has [...]

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Red Tails: A Salute to the Tuskegee Airmen by Ted T. Ellis

During World War II, a group of distinguished African American men were recruited from all over the United States to become Black fighter pilots in the U. S. Airforce. They were called the Tuskegee Airmen, because they trained in Tuskegee, AL. Each of their planes were distinguished with red paint at the tail of the [...]

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T. Ellis exhibit, “Let Me Tell You My Story” featured at The Sylvan Gallery in Charleston, SC, Nov.4-30, 2011

On November 4, 2011, from 5:00pm-8:00pm I will be the featured artist at The Sylvan Gallery, www.thesylvangallery.com. The theme of the exhibit is titled, “Let Me Tell You My Story”, it is a visual narrative of African-American lifestyle in the deep South. Visual images that stir and stimulate the soul. Paintings of southern baptisms, rural [...]

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Our History Heritage and Culture An American Story- 2012 T. Ellis Art Calendar

Posted on October 29, 2011 by T. Ellis After almost 3 years, and with many of my art collectors and friends emailing and calling and asking if we would create another calendar. My wife and I, decided to take the plunge again and self-publish our fine art calendar highlighting the history and legacy of [...]

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T. Ellis in the News!!!

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