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Our History Heritage and Culture An American Story- 2012 T. Ellis Art Calendar

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Posted on October 29, 2011 by T. Ellis

tellis religious painting, t ellis church painting, southern church, t ellis art After almost 3 years, and with many of my art collectors and friends emailing and calling and asking if we would create another calendar. My wife and I, decided to take the plunge again and self-publish our fine art calendar highlighting the history and legacy of African-Americans. This calendar is so special, because the signature painting, “It All Started Here”, celebrates the communtiy of Faubourg Treme, establishedin 1812 in New Orleans, LA. The first community of free people of color in America. Treme, produced the first African-American physicians, politicials, business owners, bricklayers, iron workers, carpenters, musicians and artists. The Tribune newspaper was the first African-American paper to distribute about political and social events eaffect Free People of Color. Treme gave birth to Jazz.
The other paintings in our T. Fine Art Calendar show beautiful depictions of the life we live. The painting of President Obama, our 44th President, says it all. All the colors, all the contributions we have made to America and the world. This paintings speaks of unity and accomplishment.
“Subject Matters”, is another powerful painting, you see the young students wrting on the chalk board what are the subjects in school that are important for educational growth and advancement.
Each painting tells a story that is important and relevant. Yes, a picture speaks a thousand words. We are proud to produce an art calendar that celebrates the triumph spirit that we all share. A calendar I believe everyone should have. It makes a great gift for family members, friends and coworkers. For $15.00 you can go to www.tellisfineart.com and purchase you T. Ellis Fine Art Calendar. Oh, and when the year is over you can framed the images and decorate your home or office.
Let me know what you think of our calendar. You can email me directly at, tedellisart@gmail.com. We value your support.


Ted T. Ellis



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