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Harlem Fine Arts Show-Chicago

Ted T. Ellis






Press Release:Harlem Fine Arts Show features Artist, Ted T. Ellis in Chicago, IL
T. Ellis, selected panelist to discuss the State of Contemporary African-American Artist in America


Contemporary artist, Ted T. Ellis along with several other famous African-American Artists will be exhibiting and selling their art at the Harlem Fine Arts Show. T. Ellis will be a leading panelist; along with other artists will be participating in a discussion about the ''State of Contemporary African-American Artists Today". The discussion will focus and cover the challenges, and accomplishments that African-American artists have been involved in for the last forty years. The Harlem Fine Arts Show is providing a viable platform where artists can be heard and seen. It is also fitting that the Harlem Fine Arts Show is paying tribute to "The Chicago Black Renaissance', that began in the 1930's and continues today.


The Harlem Fine Arts Show continues with it’s 5th Year Anniversary nationwide tour in Chicago, Illinois scheduled for October 30 – November 2, 2014 at The Merchandise Mart in Downtown Chicago.

HFAS 2014 is among the largest and most prestigious collections of original paintings and works of art on paper featuring African-American emerging and established artists from throughout the African Diaspora. The Chicago HFAS will showcase local artists as well as artists from around the world. Artists from past shows have included Leroy Campbell, Najee Dorsey, Corinthia Peoples, Elizabeth Baez, Woodrow Nash, True African Art , and many more.





THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30:      Opening Night Fundraiser/Exhibit Sale     6pm – 10pm


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31:    Youth Empowerment Day   10am – 3pm


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31:    Exhibit/Sale   10am – 10pm


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1:     Art Lecture Series    10am – 2pm


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1:     Exhibit/Sale    12pm – 8pm


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2:     Exhibit/Sale    10am – 6pm



About The Harlem Fine Art Show...Launched in 2009, by Dion Clarke, the Harlem Fine Arts Show (HFAS) has quickly become a must attend annual event on the arts calendars of patrons and purveyors of African American fine art. The shows in Harlem, Martha's Vineyard, Atlanta and now Chicago have typically collected under one roof, paintings, sculpture, photographs and works in a variety of other mediums representing the rich diversity of artistic expression by African Americans and artists from throughout the African Diaspora. The works of such renowned masters as Jacob Lawrence, Elizabeth Catlett and Romare Bearden, as well as celebrated famous contemporary emerging and mid-career artists like Leroy Campbell, Ted Ellis, Frank Frazier, Mickalene Thomas, Kehinde Wiley, and others, speak to the broad interest in the show and the dramatic growth in attendance in the few short years of its existence.


About the artist:
Ted Ellis is a passionate man. He is passionate about his family… passionate about his heritage and passionate about his art. Just ask him and he proudly declares, “I paint Subjects that are representative of the many facets of American life, particularly, African-American culture and history, as I know it. I like to think of myself as a creative historian. I was put here to record history…all aspects of American culture and heritage. My sole purpose has always been to educate through my art.”

Ellis grew up and was educated in New Orleans, a city known for its rich African-American heritage history. A city full of style, and artistic exuberance. This backdrop inspired Ellis to capture the essence of the subjects of his childhood in the glory of their rich cultural heritage. Extremely dedicated to his craft, this artist draws on a style that was born in his childhood from impressions of his native city. Ellis is self-taught and boldly blends realism and impressionism in his work, evoking nostalgia and inspiration. It's not folk art, but "Tedism", his own unique style of art. T. Ellis art celebrates the traditional values of his  African-American culture and lifestyle, which is a vital part of the tapestry of American history. Ted Ellis captures that lifestyle on canvas, the man, lives the life he paints about. He is cementing himself in history as one of those Famous African-American artists you so often read about.

He generously contributes time and artwork to various causes:
United Way, ICLS, African American Visual Arts Association, Jack and Jill, Incorporated, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., United Negro College Fund, and many more non-profit organizations and public school districts around the United States.

Ellis’ involvement in the community as an art advocate and educator has earned him recognition from numerous organizations and city officials. Ellis’ has put together several themed exhibitions that has be showcased throughout the country. Some of Ellis’ previous national exhibits include: “The Civil Rights Movement”, “Buffalo Soldiers”, and “Born In The Spirit”. His recently published coffee table book, "The Fine Art of T. Ellis, represents over twenty-five years of his art. Over 100 colorful images about African-American History, Culture and Lifestyle.

Ellis, who currently resides in Friendswood, Texas, and continues to be recognized for his artistic talent and is now being applauded for his intellectual capital and depth of understanding the power and use  of art. He is an artist with vision. His legacy is still growing. This awareness continues to garner Ellis more and more collectors. as they are scattered throughout the globe. Major corporations have commissioned Ellis; A few of which include: Walt Disney Studios, The Minute Maid Company, Coca-Cola, Phillip Morris, and Avon, Incorporated.

T. Ellis famous African-American paintings has also been featured on local and regional television programs, in magazines such as Upscale, Southern Living, and Newsweek, and is frequently featured in newspaper articles throughout the country. His artwork may also be found on CDs and books. Learn more about T. Ellis, www.tellisfineart.comor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Ellis_(artist).

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